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How Understanding Neuroscience of Attention Can Boost Your Business Revenue 

Attention in Marketing

Attention is valuable to a business and is critical to a business’s growth and success. But what is attention, and why is it important for entrepreneurs to grasp the knowledge of consumer attention? Entrepreneurs can reap many benefits from comprehending the knowledge of the neuroscience of attention even though several other factors are at play. […]

Attention in Machine Learning

Attention in Machine Learning

Attention Mechanism in Machine Learning  Over the years, attention mechanism is becoming increasingly popular in machine learning. Attention is the ability to choose, concentrate and process relevant stimuli. The concept has been studied across different disciplines such as neuroscience and psychology. Although the disciplines may have varying definitions of attention, they all agree it helps […]

Reducing Choices can Boost Your Revenue – The Paradox of Choice

The Paradox of Choice

The more choices, the better, right? Well not necessarily. In fact it might even lower your satisfaction, since more choices means more comparisons, thus more work. Or put differently: The more choice we have to make, the higher our costs. In this article I will present Schwartz’ Idea of the Paradox of Choice