When it comes to science we need to ask ourselves whether the discoveries we make are shaped as our senses ….

Optical Illusions

To give you a sense of how our perception can deceive us I created one of the largest galleries online for you. Here you can take a free ride on some quite gripping visual phenomena.

Black & White Strips

Consider the image below.

Black and White boxes and curved lines?

Can you see how curved the lines are? Well, actually…they are not. In fact, they are perfectly straight! The alternating boxes in the image create this wrong perception. You still do not believe? Try me.

Multicolor Dots by Dr. David Novick

“Confetti” / novickprof/Twitter

Dr. David Novick posted this image by himself on twitter in the year 2018. It went viral and rose the question: “How does our perception depend on our environment?”. Whenever you look at the picture you might swear the dots were in different colors. Some people claim to see dots in four colours: green, yellow, orange and purple. Some might see even more. But the truth is: All dots have the very same color! Check it yourself!