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Attentional Bias- How does it influence our decision?

attentional Bias

Attentional Bias: What Is It? Attentional bias is the tendency to concentrate on certain aspects of one’s environment or situation while ignoring others. Due to the fact that it requires conscious intellectual engagement, attentional balance might be classified as a form of cognitive bias. Research has demonstrated that our attention can be influenced by a wide […]

Anchoring Bias – When the First Piece of Information Misleads Us 

anchoring effect

Anchoring bias is the tendency to make logical decisions from a particular reference point. The first piece of information is given a strong significance level mainly when there is no other evidence during decision-making. Based on the limited information, we tend to think that this information is a logical estimate. When more information is given, this […]

Action Bias – Can you resist?

Action Bias

Human beings can either have a propensity to do nothing or to do something. People who tend to prefer inaction are said to have a default bias or status quo bias, and this usually results from inertia or anticipated regret. However, many people display action bias, where they tend to prefer action over inaction. A […]