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The Curse of Digitalization – Virtual Meetings Can Lower Creativity

Virtual Meetings Can Lower Creativity

Introduction The world had to change a lot of things during the pandemic. Due to the strict regulations put in place by the government workers had to meet their colleagues online to coordinate operations. It was a great idea to engage each other online, but it came with a cost to the levels of creativity. […]

A Tool to Fool: How Probability Presentation Can Manipulate Our Behavior

investigating perceptual biases

Probability Presentation – A Powerful Tool on HowYou Can Manipulate People’s Behavior There is no doubt that a probability presentation is a powerful tool when it comes to manipulating people’s behavior. By understanding how probabilities can be presented, anyone can use this information to influence people’s decisions. In this blog post, we will discuss how […]

The Longer You Stare at the Cheetos, the More Valuable it Becomes to You


Increasing a Visual Stimulus’ Duration Raises its Value in Our Brain When making choices, we often compare the value of different options to decide. In a new study, scientists have used eye-tracking technology to explore how people make these comparisons. They found that when looking at two options, our eyes tend to fixate on the […]