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The Longer You Stare at the Cheetos, the More Valuable it Becomes to You


Increasing a Visual Stimulus’ Duration Raises its Value in Our Brain When making choices, we often compare the value of different options to decide. In a new study, scientists have used eye-tracking technology to explore how people make these comparisons. They found that when looking at two options, our eyes tend to fixate on the […]

4 Games in Neuroeconomics You Should Know of: Trust, Ultimatum, Prisoner’s Dilemma & Public Goods

Neuroeconomics Games Review

4 Gameplays in Neuroeconomics – A Summary  The process of decision making in social situations can be very complicated, such that disruption to one’s capability of understanding and acting on social information can cause massive effects on their life. An effective way of measuring social decision-making that has also been adapted in neuroimaging is neuroeconomic […]

Don’t believe what they tell you – 2 Experiments to Measure Hypothetical Bias

Do not believe what they tell you

Opinions are a valuable tool for marketers. They can be used to influence people’s buying decisions or to sway public opinion on an issue. However, relying too heavily on opinions can be risky and lead to disappointment when those opinions don’t reflect the actual behavior of consumers. Marketers must use other data sources and opinion […]