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Action Bias – Can you resist?

Action Bias

Human beings can either have a propensity to do nothing or to do something. People who tend to prefer inaction are said to have a default bias or status quo bias, and this usually results from inertia or anticipated regret. However, many people display action bias, where they tend to prefer action over inaction. A […]

Ambiguity Effect – Why we tend to avoid something unknown

Ambiguity Effect

The ambiguity effect is a cognitive bias (a shortcoming in logical reasoning induced by the human brain’s urge to conserve energy by cutting corners). It reflects our tendency to avoid alternatives that are confusing or lack information. We dislike unpredictability and are thus more likely to choose an option where the likelihood of attaining a […]

Affect Heuristic

heuristic affect

Explained: This is Affect Heuristic When it comes to making decisions, we often rely on our gut feelings. This is because relying on our intuition allows us to make quick decisions without spending time analyzing all the possible options. However, research has shown that our intuition can sometimes lead us astray, especially when making judgments […]